Table 4

Parasternal EMG

Normal subjectsControlled asthmaUncontrolled asthma
EMGpara, TLC90.0 (28.3)*56.0 (22.2)48.0 (32.5)
EMGpara, Sniff90.9 (43.1)74.6 (30.2)54.0 (32.3)
EMGpara, PImax60.5 (22.4)54.3 (41.9)39.7 (33.3)
EMGpara, MVV61.8 (16.7)46.7 (32.9)36.8 (24.8)
  • Maximum inspiratory EMG of the parasternal intercostals during four different maximal respiratory manoeuvres. All EMG data are in μV. The highest root-mean-square mean EMGpara was achieved using sniff manoeuvres.

  • * Difference between normal group versus controlled asthma (p<0.05).

  • EMGpara, electromyogram of the parasternal intercostals; MVV, maximum voluntary ventilation; PImax, maximum inspiratory pressure; TLC, total lung capacity.