Table 2

Values of inflammatory biomarkers in 24 subjects with cystic fibrosis compared with normative data

Current study median (range)Normative data* (range)
CRP, ng/ml1554 (45–27 172)120–44 92
TNFα, pg/ml2.1 (1.3–25.6)0.57–1.41
IL-1β, pg/ml0.2 (0.1–0.9)ND–0.22
IL-6, pg/mL3.6 (0.3–16.1)0.43–8.87
IL-8, pg/ml2.9 (1.1–96.5)2.5–7.2
IL-10, pg/ml0.7 (0.0–16.2)ND–35
sE-Selectin, ng/ml54.5 (17.7–105.3)15.6–66.4
sVCAM, ng/ml799 (482–18 59)301–875
sICAM, ng/ml310 (122–435)106–337
  • * Normative ranges provided by the laboratory kit manufacturers.

  • CRP, C-reactive protein; IL, interleukin; ND, not detectable; sE-selectin, soluble E-selectin; sICAM, soluble intracellular adhesion molecule; sVCAM, soluble vascular cell adhesion molecule; TNFα, tumour necrosis factor α .