Table 7

Summary of time series studies of air pollution and daily admissions or emergency room attendance for asthma. The rows are sorted by whether the analysis was for “all year” (including across seasons) and by “summer” (warm half of the year) or “winter” (cool half of the year). Under the various age groups where a pollutant is within a parenthesis, the association was negative

AuthorReference no.YearPlaceAds/ ERSeasonMonthsO3NO2SO2Particles0–14 yrs15–64 yrs65+ yrsAll ages
AndersonThis paperLondonAdsAY+++BSNO2,SO2 O3 NO2,BSNO2,SO2,BS
Buchdahl 20 1996LondonERAY+++O3,SO2
Dab 21 1996ParisAdsAY+++PM13,BSSO2 O3,NO2 SO2,NO2
Ponka 22 1996HelsinkiAdsAY+++TSPNSNSSO2
Romieu923 1995Mexico CityERAYJan–Jun++O3,SO2
Schwartz 24 1993SeattleERAY++PM10 PM10 PM10 NS
Sunyer 14 1996BarcelonaERAY+++BSO3
AndersonThis paperLondonAdsSApr–Sept+++BSO3,NO2,SO2 O3 NSO3,SO2
Bates 25 1990VancouverERS+++SO4,COHSO4 SO2,SO4 SO4
Bates 26 1987OntarioAdsSJuly–Aug+++SO4,COHNSSO2,O3,SO4
Burnett 27 1994OntarioAdsSMay–Aug+SO4 O3SO4 O3SO4 NSO3,SO4
Castellsague 28 1995BarcelonaERS+++BSBS, NO2 BS,NO2
Cody 29 1992N JerseyERSMay–Aug++O3
Delfino 30 1994MontrealAdsSJun–Sept+PM10,PM2.5H+,SO4 PM10,SO4
Schouten 31 1996AmsterdamAdsSApr–Sept+++BSSO2
Steib 32 1996St John, NBERSMay–Sept+++SO4,TSPNSO3 O3 O3
Thurston 33 1994TorontoAdsS+SO4,H+ O3,SO4,H+
Thurston 34 1992New YorkAdsS+SO4,H+ O3,SO4,H+
Walters 35 1994B’ham, UKAdsSJune–Aug+BSNS
AndersonThis paperLondonAdsWOct–Mar+++BS(O3),NO2 NSNO2,SO2,BS(O3),NO2,SO2,BS
Bates 25 1990VancouverERW+++SO4,COHNSNSSO2,SO4
Bates 26 1987OntarioAdsWJan–Feb+++SO4,COH(O3)NS
Castellsague 28 1995BarcelonaERW+++BSNO2
Schouten 31 1996AmsterdamAdsWOct–Mar+++BSNS
Walters 35 1994B’ham, UKAdsWDec–Feb+BSBS,SO2
  • Ads = admissions; ER = emergency room admissions or attendance at accident and emergency departments; TSP = total suspended particles; PM = suspended particles; SO4 = sulphate; COH = coefficient of haze; H+ = hydrogen ion concentration (a measure of acid aerosols); AY = all year; S = summer/warm season; W = winter/cool season; BS = black smoke; NS = no pollutant significant, — = no information on that age group.