Table 4

Percentage increase in daily asthma admissions associated with 10 unit increase in pollen grain counts during the warm season in London, 1987–91. 95% confidence limits are shown in parenthesis together with the corresponding lag period (lx). Where a statistically significant association was observed for other lags, these are shown in parentheses

Age groupBirch pollenGrass pollenOak pollen
0–14 years0.90*(0.14,1.67)l2 −1.13*(−1.96,0.0)l0 −1.62*(−3.21,0.0)l0(1)
15–64 years1.11*(0.11,2.12)l1 −0.073 (−1.71,0.26)l1 1.89* (0.0,3.80)l1
65+ years−0.77 (−3.37,1.9)l0 −0.63 (−2.69,1.48)l0 −2.6 (−6.37,1.31)l1
All ages0.78*(0.15,1.42)l2(1) −1.16***(−1.82,−0.5)l0 −1.44*(−2.71,−1.04)l0(1)