Table 3

Predictive value of a negative SimpliRED, Pao2 ⩾80 mm Hg, and respiratory rate ⩽20/min for excluding objectively diagnosed pulmonary embolism (PE) and venous thromboembolism (VTE) in 517 cases

Observation madeCondition excludedCorrect exclusionsPredictive value3-150(95% CI)
Negative SimpliREDPE247/2490.99 (0.981 to 0.999)
Negative SimpliREDVTE3-160 244/2490.98 (0.962 to 0.997)
Pao2 ⩾80 mm HgPE155/1600.97 (0.942 to 0.996)
Respiratory rate ⩽20PE294/3080.95 (0.931 to 0.978)
Negative SimpliRED and Pao2 ⩾80mm HgPE93/931.00 (0.968 to 1.000)
Negative SimpliRED and respiratory rate ⩽20PE168/1700.99 (0.972 to 1.000)
Pao2 ⩾80 mm Hg and respiratory rate ⩽20PE106/1080.98 (0.956 to 0.999)
Negative SimpliRED and Pao2 ⩾80mm Hg and respiratory rate ⩽20PE72/721.00 (0.959 to 1.000)
  • 3-150 The predictive value is calculated as the number of correct exclusions divided by the number of observations made. For example, in a total of 249 negative SimpliRED tests, 247 subjects did not have objective evidence of PE.

  • 3-160 VTE comprises objectively diagnosed PE or DVT or both.