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Exposure to inorganic particles in paediatric sarcoidosis: the PEDIASARC study


Inorganic antigens may contribute to paediatric sarcoidosis. Thirty-six patients matched with 36 healthy controls as well as a group of 21 sickle-cell disease (SCD) controls answered an environmental questionnaire. Patients’ indirect exposure to inorganic particles, through coresidents’ occupations, was higher than in healthy and SCD controls (median score: 2.5 (0.5–7) vs 0.5 (0–2), p=0.003 and 1 (0–2), p=0.012, respectively), especially for construction, exposures to metal dust, talc, abrasive reagents and scouring products. Wood or fossil energies heating were also linked to paediatric sarcoidosis. This study supports a link between mineral environmental exposure due to adult coresident occupations and paediatric sarcoidosis.

  • sarcoidosis
  • paediatric interstitial lung disease
  • occupational lung disease
  • rare lung diseases

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