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Diffuse cystic lung disease in sickle cell anaemia: a series of 22 cases and a case–control study


Chronic interstitial lung abnormalities have been described in sickle cell disease (SCD) and attributed to repetitive episode of acute chest syndrome. We report a series of 22 cases of diffuse cystic lung disease in SCD with a case–control study to hunt for mechanism. On pathological analysis of a surgical lung biopsy of the index case, the bronchioles had the appearance of constrictive bronchiolitis. Pulmonary function test results revealed lower forced expiratory flow from 25% to 75% of vital capacity in cases versus controls. These findings suggest a bronchiolar mechanism that was not associated with more acute chest syndrome.

  • rare lung diseases
  • imaging/CT MRI etc
  • interstitial fibrosis
  • systemic disease and lungs

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