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P65 Are patients with cystic fibrosis attending a virtual leisure centre representative of the cystic fibrosis population?
  1. Y Qin1,
  2. A Johnson2,
  3. K Hamana1,
  4. J Duckers2,
  5. C Bridges2,
  6. NS Gale1
  1. 1School of Healthcare Sciences, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK
  2. 2All Wales Adult Cystic Fibrosis Centre, University Hospital Llandough, Cardiff, UK


Introduction This abstract compared adult patients with cystic fibrosis (PwCF) who have attended the Virtual Leisure Centre (VLC) with the whole CF population.

Background Exercise is an essential part for PwCF. However, due to the risks of cross-infection, they are not recommended to exercise together which can affect motivation and exercise adherence. Remote exercise might be an alternative solution. A UK adult CF centre has introduced a VLC service to deliver various exercise training through Zoom, thus, allowing PwCF to exercise as a group. The abstract aims to compare PwCF who have attended the VLC and the whole CF population in the CF centre.

Methods Demographic and routine data were collected, including age, gender, body mass index (BMI), most recent lung function before they joined the VLC, genotype, and numbers of intravenous antibiotic therapy per year. Data were compared to the data from the 2020 CF centre annual report.

Results 27 PwCF (12 females, 15 males; mean±SD age 33.5±9.4 years; BMI: 23.3±3.06 kg/m²) started attending the VLC service since 2020. Mean FEV1 predicted was 58%±21.6%. Most patient genotypes (63%) were homozygous for F508del and 29% of patient genotypes were heterozygous for F508del. 38.5% patients had intravenous antibiotics (range 1–7 courses/year, median=1) and 63% patients were on modulator therapy. The mean age of all patients registered with the CF centre (N=240) was 32.2 years, and the mean BMI was 23.4 kg/m². The mean FEV1 predicted was 66.2%. 46.3% of them had had intravenous antibiotics and 80% of patients were on modulator therapy.

Conclusion Participants of the VLC were similar in age, BMI and FEV1 predicted compared to the whole patients in the CF centre. The percentages of patients who had intravenous antibiotics and who were on modulator therapy were slightly lower in people of the VLC service compared to all patients in the CF centre. Therefore, patients attending the VLC could be representative of the whole CF population.

  • cystic fibrosis
  • remote exercise

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