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November 2022 - Volume 77 - Suppl 1

British Thoracic Society Winter Meeting 2022, QEII Centre, Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, London SW1P 3EE

Thorax: 77 (Suppl 1)

Joint BTS/BALR/A+L UK Early Career Investigator Symposium

‘Scar face’ – the burden of fibrosis

‘Flushed away’ – what’s new in pleural disease?

‘Chariots of fire’ – Interventions and assessment in respiratory physiotherapy

‘Hot shots!’ – what’s hot in cough?

‘Edge of tomorrow’ – Optimising thoracic cancer diagnosis and follow up

‘Transformers’ – Transformational treatments and technologies in CF

‘Toy story I’ – Hot topics in childhood asthma

‘Outbreak!’ – COVID-19 epidemiology

‘The fast and the furious’ – Clinical studies in COVID-19

‘Fight club’ – Biologics in asthma: RCTs

‘Inside Out’ – Bronchiectasis diagnostics and mechanisms

‘Change in the Air (ways)’ – Airway biology

‘The Day After Tomorrow’ – Impact of the carbon footprint in lung health

‘Back to the Future’ – Novel technology of the airways

‘Inception’ – Embracing complexity in lung science

‘The World is Not Enough’ – The epidemiological picture in airways disease

‘Die Hard I’ – Resistance, screening and best management in TB

‘Mission (Im)possible II’ – Improving outcomes in COPD

‘The Sixth Sense’ – Prognostication in pulmonary vascular disease

‘The Terminator’ – Neutrophils in respiratory disease

‘Gone with the Wind’ – Measuring breathlessness and airway obstruction

‘Beyond the Matrix’ – Fibroblast biology

‘The Winter Soldier’ – Pneumonia epidemiology and impact

‘Home Alone’ – Remote monitoring in lung disease

‘I, Robot’ – Advances in sleep and ventilation

‘Finding Neverland’ – T2 inflammation and its absence

‘For Your Eyes Only’ – What’s hot in infection?

Deciphering ‘The Da Vinci Code’ – Biomarkers in airways disease

‘Scar Wars’ – The pot pourri of ILD

‘Mission (Im)possible I’ – Pulmonary vascular disease

‘Sleepless in Seattle’ – Treatments and monitoring in sleep and ventilation

‘Training Day’ – Learning from CF patients

‘Contagion’ – The impact of COVID-19

‘Toy Story II’ – Paediatric lung disease: pot pourri

‘Blade Runner’ – Diagnosis and follow up of thoracic malignancy

‘Avengers Assemble’ – Impact of the MDT in respiratory disease

‘Interview with a Vampire’ – Blood gas monitoring in clinical care

‘Sliding Doors’ – Beyond the drain: new insights in pleural disease

‘The Force Awakens’ – The asthma patient experience

‘Die Hard II’ – Antibiotic resistance and challenges in TB

‘Infinity War’ – Ongoing clinical challenges in COVID-19

‘Cool Runnings’ – Innovations in pulmonary rehabilitation

‘Catch Me If You Can’ – Opportunities to improve care in airways disease

‘WALL-E’ – The future of digital healthcare delivery

‘Into the Woods’ – Managing co-morbidities in airways disease

‘Endgame’ – Long term impacts of COVID-19

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