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November 2021 - Volume 76 - Suppl 2

British Thoracic Society Winter Meeting 2021 Online, Wednesday 24 to Friday 26 November 2021, Programme and Abstracts

Thorax: 76 (Suppl 2)

BTS/BALR/AUK-BLF Early Career Investigator Symposium

The clinical management of acute asthma

Stay awake! It’s an update on sleep

Probing the pleural space

Predictive tools for acute deterioration in COVID-19 and beyond

The new normal? Novel and remote strategies for pulmonary rehabilitation

COPD exacerbations: prevention, treatment, recovery

Treatment and adherence in asthma

Beyond acid-fast: diagnosis and treatment of TB in the 21st Century

What goes down, must come up: oscillation, obstruction and lung physiology

Developing treatments for COVID-19

Understanding COVID-19 mechanisms

Treatment choices in cystic fibrosis and bronchiectasis: what works and when

Gazing through the crystal ball: predicting outcomes from COVID-19

A cut above: an update in thoracic surgery

Under pressure: an update in pulmonary vascular disease

Biologics for asthma

New insights into airways disease

From bench to lung: scientific advances in respiratory research

Ease that wheeze: managing risk in COPD

ILD: how big is the problem? How can you spot it and how should you monitor it?

Clinical developments in non-invasive ventilation and sleep

Virtual monitoring in COVID-19

Advances in the management of TB and NTM infections

Diagnostics and monitoring of asthma and co-morbidities

Cough: is it a problem and what can we do about it?

Breaking barriers in pulmonary rehabilitation and physiotherapy

Virtually perfect: remote medicine and digital health

The real-world care of COPD patients

COVID-19: clinical features and risk

The wider impact of the pandemic

Thinking outside the lung: monitoring and management of patients with CF, PCD and bronchiectasis

Improving care pathways in adults and children

COVID-19 recovery: predicting long term outcomes

Assessing, managing and predicting outcomes in ILD

New treatment pathways in the post-COVID-19 era

Topics in thoracic malignancies

Perspectives on education, training and research collaboration

Fighting back: optimising treatment for COVID-19

Perspectives on pleural disease

Asthma: phenotyping and the response to biologics

Oxygen, CPAP, NIV or ICU: what works in COVID-19?