Table of contents

February 2021 - Volume 76 - Suppl 1

British Thoracic Society Winter Meeting, Wednesday 17 to Friday 19 February 2021, Programme and Abstracts

Thorax: 76 (Suppl 1)

BTS/BALR/BLF Early Career Investigator Awards

Predicting and stratifying COVID-19 using real world data

Predicting longer term outcomes in children

The secret life of CPETs

What’s new in COPD?

New insights in asthma care

Understanding lung infection: back to basics

A cut above … update in thoracic surgery

Trials and new concepts in pleural disease

Respiratory science: state of the art

The care needs of those recovering from COVID-19

Challenges in pulmonary embolism

Therapeutic advances in cystic fibrosis: today and tomorrow

An update in lung cancer patient stratification: from screening to pre-treatment assessments

Basic science in ILD: what drives progression?

Genetic insights to respiratory health

TB: still playing the long game

Pulmonary arterial hypertension: drugs, sox and cytokines

Prognostic tools to treatments in COVID-19

Baby and bathwater: not all lung infections are COVID-19

Lungs at work: occupation and lung health

Living with and caring for respiratory disease during COVID-19

An update in lung cancer: interventions and outcomes

Clinical considerations in ILD

Sleep and ventilation: masks …. need help!

Disease modulation within severe asthma

Lessons from COVID-19

Lung cancer: treatment options and care pathways

Service innovation for lung health during COVID-19

COPD: clinical science

Ventilatory strategies in COVID-19

Primary care and paediatric asthma

Virtually systematic: current interventions and digital delivery in pulmonary rehabilitation

Monitoring and care delivery for children with respiratory disease

Emerging evidence on the use of biological agents in severe asthma

Diagnostic and management challenges within asthma services

Chronic suppurative lung disease in adults and children

The nuts and bolts of ILD clinical management

Tools to improve delivery of respiratory care

TB or not TB, is that the question?

The clinical experiences of post-COVID-19 recovery

Cough and carbon

Infection, co-infection and chronic infection

Pleural disease: what are we doing and could we do it better?

The lung cancer diagnostic journey

Time for sleep

Respiratory physiology: planes, training and mobility

COVID-19: contact, admission, recruitment and outcome

Improving diagnostics and patient responses

COVID-19: impact on respiratory health