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Correction: Do farm-grown lungs breathe better?

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Genuneit J, von Mutius E. Do farm-grown lungs breathe better? Thorax 2017;72:202–3.

The authors include the additional Conflicts of Interest for their article:

Erika von Mutius is listed as inventor on the following patents:

  • Publication number EP 1411977: Composition containing bacterial antigens used for the prophylaxis and the treatment of allergic diseases.

  • Publication number EP1637147: Stable dust extract for allergy protection

  • Publication number EP 1964570: Pharmaceutical compound to protect against allergies and inflammatory diseases

Erika von Mutius is listed as inventor and has received royalties on the following patent:

  • Publication number EP2361632: Specific environmental bacteria for the protection from and/or the treatment of allergic, chronic inflammatory and/or autoimmune disorders.

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