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Change in type-2 biomarkers and related cytokines with prednisolone in uncontrolled severe oral corticosteroid dependent asthmatics: an interventional open-label study


Type-2 biomarkers and related cytokines (IL-5, IL-13), lung function and asthma symptoms were measured in 44 poorly-controlled severe oral corticosteroid (OCS)-dependent asthmatics for up to 88 days after a 7-day prednisolone boost (0.5 mg/kg). High-dose OCS reduced median blood eosinophils (−60 cells/µl; 95% CI −140 to 10), periostin (−8.4 ng/mL; −11.6 to –2.8), FeNO (−19.0 ppb; −28.5 to –4.0), IL-5 (−0.17 pg/mL; −0.28 to –0.08) and IL-13 (−0.15 pg/mL; −0.27 to –0.03). There were small improvements in mean FEV1 (0.16 L; 0.05 to 0.27) and (Asthma Control Questionnaire) ACQ-7 score (0.3; 0.0 to 0.7). Study measures returned to baseline 1-month postintervention. Following rescue OCS, 1 month is sufficient before using type-2 biomarkers to guide long-term treatment.

Trial registration number NCT01948401.

  • asthma pharmacology

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