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To celebrate Chapeau Geraint’s amazing victory in the lap of France, Thorax dedicates this month’s airwaves to the great sport of road cycling.

Le tour

The Tour de France is the world’s premier cycle race and, once again, the winner was somebody with improbably large thighs. Not only is the vastus lateralis crucial for success in ridiculously long cycle races but it can also be a measure of critical illness. Endurance athletes tend to have high levels of functioning mitochondria, in contrast Puthucheary and colleaguesdemonstrate that patients with critical illness have impaired markers of mitochondrial function and levels decrease over time that was associated with increasing inflammation and impaired anabolic signalling ( see page 926 ). It is interesting to consider that information obtained from the vastus lateralis may be as able to determine recovery from critical illness, as identify the winner of the Tour de France.

Marginal gains

Team Sky has won numerous cycling Grand Tours and Olympic medals through …

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