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Does training respiratory physicians in clinical respiratory physiology and interpretation of pulmonary function tests improve core knowledge?
  1. M Patout1,2,
  2. L Sesé1,3,
  3. T Gille4,5,
  4. B Coiffard1,6,
  5. S Korzeniewski1,7,
  6. E Lhuillier1,2,
  7. A Pradel4,8,
  8. C Tardif4,9,
  9. A Chambellan4,10,11,
  10. C Straus8,12,13,
  11. S Matecki4,14,
  12. T Perez4,15,16,
  13. L Thiberville17,18,
  14. A Didier19,20
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  20. 20Pôle des Voies Respiratoires, CHU de Toulouse, Toulouse, France
  1. Correspondence to Dr M Patout, Unité de soins intensifs respiratoires, service de pneumologie, Rouen University Hospital, 147 avenue du Maréchal-Juin, Rouen, 76031 Cedex, France; maxime.patout{at}


Lung function tests have a major role in respiratory medicine. Training in lung function tests is variable within the European Union. In this study, we have shown that an internship in a lung function tests laboratory significantly improved the technical and diagnostic skills of French respiratory trainees.

  • Respiratory Measurement
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  • Contributors MP: conception, acquisition, analysis, interpretation, drafting the work; LS: acquisition, analysis, interpretation; TG: conception, analysis, interpretation, revising critically; BC: acquisition, revising critically; SK: conception, acquisition, analysis, revising critically; EL: conception, acquisition, analysis, interpretation; AP: conception, acquisition; CT, AC, CS, SM, TP, LT and AD: conception, interpretation, revising critically.

  • Competing interests None declared.

  • Provenance and peer review Not commissioned; externally peer reviewed.

  • Data sharing statement Additional unpublished data can be accessed by sending an email to

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