Table of contents

December 2017 - Volume 72 - Suppl 3

Thorax: 72 (Suppl 3)

BTS/BALR/BLF Early Career Investigator awards symposium

COPD: doing what works

An update in pneumonia: from big data to cellular function

Lung cancer screening has arrived

Understanding and treating those irritating infections

Pleural effusions: diagnosis and prognosis

TB: from screening to compliance

A troublesome cough: from diagnosis to treatment

Hot topics in home-based mechanical ventilation

New insights in bronchiectasis

Diagnosing and treating pulmonary vascular disease

From diagnosis to treatment in interstitial lung disease

Paediatric asthma: big and real world data

Asthma: infection and inflammation

New approaches to characterising paediatric respiratory diseases

Mechanistic insights into interstitial lung disease

Changes in pulmonary rehabilitation: new diseases, new approaches

Mechanisms of asthma

Cystic fibrosis: disease trajectory and evolving therapies

Improvements in lung cancer treatment

Fruit flies to footballers

Advances in understanding chronic thrombo-embolic disease and pulmonary hypertension

Mechanistic insights into COPD

Of mice and men

Respiratory epidemiology

Managing pleural disease: from intervention to conservation

Core outcomes for mechanical ventilation

Complications of TB and extra-pulmonary TB

Asthma: airways and antibodies

Clinical update in COPD

Interventional procedures in respiratory disease

Cellular insights into lung injury repair

Respiratory medicine: common problems, new insights

Pulmonary rehabilitation: walk this way

Update in paediatric lung disease

Multi-morbidity in COPD

Triggers and treatment of cough

Infected lung: from bench to bedside

Ventilatory strategies for patients with respiratory failure

Characterisation of lung disease with imaging and physiology

A clinical update in interstitial lung disease

Early detection and screening in TB

Pulmonary vascular disease: monitoring and managing

Biomarkers, imaging and outcomes in COPD

External influences on asthma

Sleep and breathing

Danger at work: occupational lung disease and asthma

Closing the flood gates of the pleura

Clinical implications of cystic fibrosis

Lung cancer: from virtual contact to invasive procedures

Pharmacotherapies for COPD

Innovation in service design

Patient, physician and carer perspectives

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis treatment update

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