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  1. The Triumvirate

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On 8 June, this year, voters in the United Kingdom will select their members of parliament (MPs) for 650 constituencies–lets hope they choose wisely. In this edition of Airwaves, we offer you an election special of politically themed recommendations from Thorax. We hope these are informative, challenging and a welcome antidote to pre election and post election punditry.

Agricultural Revolution

Farms in Ethiopia have experienced a dramatic increase in their use of pesticides in recent years. This has given rise to understandable concerns that agricultural workers may suffer ill effects from occupational exposure to these agents. Negatu and colleagues describe two cross sectional surveys of agricultural workers (see page 522). Workers exposed to pesticides were significantly more likely to experience breathlessness and chronic cough, compared to the unexposed. In the second survey there was also a significant negative effect on spirometry in exposed workers. Time for some robust occupational health measures!

Dangerous Coalition

Coalitions come in …

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