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Allinson JP, Hardy R, Donaldson GC, et al. T2 Early-life respiratory tract infection and adult susceptibility to chronic mucus hypersecretion – a prospective 64 year national birth cohort study. Thorax 2016;71:A1–A2. doi:10.1136/thoraxjnl-2016-209333.2

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Figure 1

Odds ratios of Chronic Mucus Hypersecretion (CMH) across adult life according to concurrent smoking and history of lower respiratory tract infection between ages 0 and 2 years (relative to CMH presence at age 20 years in the baseline group of non-smokers without early-life lower respiratory tract infection).

EL-LRTI+ve, Early-Life Respiratory Tract infection(s)present; EL-LRTI−ve, No Early-Life Respiratory Tract infection(s).

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