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  1. The Triumvirate

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The murine nose is not an object of intense interest for chest doctors but perhaps it should be. Recent advances in CFTR modulator therapy in cystic fibrosis (CF) have been genotype specific and have therefore excluded many patients from new therapies. Gene therapy offers the prospect of helping people with CF, independent of genotype. On page 137, Alton and colleagues present an elegant picture of the potency of gene transfer using lentivirus. Go and take a look! Pre-clinical models include the murine nose and human air-liquid interface cultures. These studies pave the way for a F/HN-pseudotyped lentiviral vector first-in-man CF trial in 2017. Thorax wishes a smooth passage to these “…best-laid schemes…” and hopes they won't “Gang aft agley

PSALTI therapy

If you thought PSALTI therapy meant a few weeks of convalescence in a seaside boarding house, to help get rid of your chronic cough, then you are about a century out of date! Nowadays, PSALTI stands for physiotherapy, and speech …

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