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  1. The Triumvirate

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Home is where the rehab is

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a central non-pharmacological therapy for the treatment of COPD. However lack of access limits therapy in many cases. In this issue of Thorax, Hollande and colleagues use a cheap and effective strategy to bring pulmonary rehab into peoples homes showing it to be as good as centre-based programs (see page 57). Now the challenge for both home and centre based programs is to maintain this success for the long term.

Taxi Driver

Scorsese's classic movie shows the destructive potential of a rogue taxi driver. In Acute Lung Injury and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome neutrophils are delivered to the lung by chemical taxi's where they wreak havoc. Williams and colleagues identify a couple of rogues, CCL2 and CCL7, which work with another inflammatory cytokine CXCL8 to promote ARDS (see page 1). However, in contrast with many a Scorsese offering the identification of the bad guys raises hope for a happy ending in ARDS.

The Big Shortening

The Big Short …

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