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On 22 June this year, 52% of those taking part in the UK referendum voted to leave the European Union. In the preceding weeks, the economic and political consequences of Brexit were discussed in a debate that rarely allowed thoughtful discussion of complex issues. In the sphere of medicine and science, there are close links between the UK and EU institutions through the funding of health research, the regulation of medicines and through professional societies such as the European Respiratory Society. Thorax is an international journal that has been enriched by many key papers from academics based in EU countries and participating in EU collaborations. We want more of these and we encourage colleagues engaged in respiratory research throughout the EU, and indeed from around the world, to continue to send us their best work. As the UK looks set to leave the EU, on a wave of populist sentiment, Thorax will continue to reach out to European colleagues. Never has it been more important for those of us who understand the importance of collaboration and co-operation to demonstrate our commitment to working together. At Thorax, we are fully aware that within Europe there is more that we have in common than divides us and there will be no Brexit on the pages of our journal.

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