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  1. Nicholas Hart,
  2. Gisli Jenkins,
  3. Alan Smyth

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Once Upon A Time In America…

May is the month of the American Thoracic Society meeting. Once again, we return to California for one of the highlights of the annual calendar. To celebrate the rising submissions, and acceptances, from North American authors and the continued collaboration between the British and American Thoracic Societies, we felt it was an important step to deliver a North American themed issue for May. Indeed, as editors, we are Californian dreaming.

For a Few Dollars More…

The Spaghetti Western described the chaotic and nihilistic landscape of the Old Wild West. In this issue, Nathan and colleagues introduce the spaghetti plot to highlight the ups and downs of lung function as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis progresses remorselessly towards respiratory insufficiency albeit in slightly less barren environment than the Old Wild West (see page 429). However, defining whether an anti-fibrotic will “work” as IPF continues to progress is a perplexing problem which thus far has been reduced to the Dirty Harry approach of “Do I feel lucky?” Nathan and colleagues demonstrate that treatment with Pirfenidone has benefits despite the apparent progression of lung function decline suggesting lung function may not be the ideal way to determine an individual's response to …

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