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Samuel M, Sivakuma P, West A. Ambulatory care of primary spontaneous pneumothorax with a Pneumostat device – cost effective and safe. Thorax 2015;70:A166. doi:10.1136/thoraxjnl-2015-207770.315

Corrections have been made to the ‘Results’ section of this abstract. The changes are in bold.


73 patients presented with a PSP. 34 patients required chest tube drainage, 25 of which were managed as an outpatient with a Pneumostat. The median LOS in the outpatient group was 1.0 day (IQR 0.0–2.0 days) vs 4.0 days (IQR 2.0–7.0 days) in the inpatient group. A total of 99 bed days were saved using the device. Based on a cost of £25.70 per Pneumostat and £312 per bed day, the overall saving was £30,245.50. Patients who required thoracic surgery were kept on the “inpatient waiting list” and could be admitted directly from home.

In the outpatient group, there was 1 drain site infection, 1 drain displacement and 1 patient failed to attend follow-up but returned a week later with a resolved pneumothorax.

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