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  1. Andrew Bush,
  2. Ian Pavord

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We throw down two challenges to the USA

This month's Thorax, coinciding with the American Thoracic Society meeting, has a distinctly USA flavour, not least in the cover picture and the spelling of at least one title (see page 511). Americans, your articles are welcome in Thorax, which is only outranked by the Blue Journal amongst respiratory homes; we challenge you to send us your excellent papers. And secondly, writing in a Prozac-resistant depression after England's dismal world cup performance, anyone for cricket? (But you are not allowed to spoil the fun by practicing!)

Bolus or Bogus?

Vitamin D again. A big randomised controlled trial of vitamin D supplementation in adult asthmatics showed that at baseline, Vitamin D deficiency was very common, but supplementation with big doses of Vitamin D made no difference to outcomes, and even a ‘trend’ could not be invoked (see page 451; Hot Topic). Even those with the lowest Vitamin D levels at baseline, the group most likely to benefit, did not do any better. The dosing regimen used in the study could be criticised—maybe daily …

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