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P120 Shared Decision Making In A Pulmonary Rehabilitation Setting For Copd Patients
  1. CL Madsen,
  2. J Tomkinson
  1. Bristol Community Health, Bristol, UK


Title: Evidence of Shared Decision Making in a COPD education and supported self-management group setting.

Authors: Jen Tomkinson, Advanced Respiratory Physiotherapist, Specialist Services (Long Term Conditions) Bristol Community Health CIC; Claire Madsen, Consultant Physiotherapist; Bristol Community Health CIC

Introduction and objectives Shared Decision Making (SDM) is a patient centred, research based approach which empowers patients to work in partnership with health professionals to manage their long term conditions. There is no published data of shared decision making within group education for COPD patients to date.

Methods 20 semi-structured interviews were performed to obtain quantitative and qualitative data from COPD patients who had recently attended an education and supported self-management group held over six weeks. Data collection was performed by allied health professionals who do not work in the COPD clinic. Questionnaires were reviewed and amended by a Questionnaire Users, Interviews and Surveys group prior to use.

Results (see Table) Qualitative feedback provided by patients supported the quantitative results and ranged from neutral to highly positive in nature, with several patients reporting significant impact on their quality of life, confidence in supported self-management, increased exercise participation, physical function, and social participation.

Conclusion COPD patients attending a six weeks education and supported self-management group reported significant understanding of information, increased understanding of treatment options, and increased education and ability to self-manage.


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