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P117 Pulmonary Rehabilitation In The East Of England – 2.5-fold Variation In Completion Rates
  1. L Jongepier1,
  2. R Barlow2
  1. 1EoE Respiratory Strategic Clinical Network, Cambridge, UK
  2. 2PROVIDE, Chelmsford, UK


Introduction and objectives Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR) should be made available to all suitable people with COPD and various other chronic respiratory conditions.1 An abundance of guidelines has been produced making recommendation on the quality of both the provision and commissioning of PR. Limited data is available on PR programme adherence rates and most study rates post COPD exacerbation. Recent IMPRESS Guidance suggested a target completion rate of 75% of offered sessions and stated the national average being less than 50%.2 Our aim was to get an accurate regional perspective of completion rates of all PR service providers to use as a lever for improvement.

Methods Prior to 2013/14 a regional PR group was formed to promote best practice, offer peer support and enable improvements through the collection of meaningful regional data. A data set was agreed and defined and during 2013/14 quarterly data was collected from 17/18 (95%) providers across all CCGs. The number of PR starters and completers (attending a minimum of 75% of the offered sessions) was collected. Data from all providers was compared.

Results During 2013/14 4,737 patients started PR and 2935 patients attended at least 75% of the offered sessions. The average completion rate across the EoE was 62% with programmes varying more than 2.5-fold from 37% to 91%. 24% of providers had a completion rate of ≤50%, however another 24% had a completion rate of ≥75%.

Conclusions Completion rate varied widely with a 2.5-fold variation between the best and worst performers. 24% had a completion rate of ≤50%. The regional average of 62% was below the suggested target rate of 75%. The reasons for this variation are not known, but will be investigated by the EoE PR group.


  1. NICE. COPD: management of COPD in adults in primary and secondary care. 2010

  2. Impress (BTS and the primary care respiratory society – UK). Impress Guide to Pulmonary Rehabilitation. 2011.[] Accessed on 07/07/13

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