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December 2014 - Volume 69 - Suppl 2

The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre Broad Sanctuary Westminster London SW1P 3EE 3 to 5 December 2014 Programme and Abstracts

Thorax: 69 (Suppl 2)

Early career investigator symposium

Occupational lung disease

New approaches to the management of ILD

Clinical management of lung infection

COPD investigations

Sleep disordered breathing – assessment and treatment

‘Blood and spit’ – what to measure in AECOPD

Pulmonary arterial hypertension: scientific advances

Images in pleural disease

Basic mechanisms in COPD pathogenesis

How does clinical respiratory physiology help the clinician?

Latent TB and biomarkers

Clinical trials and outcome measures in paediatric lung disease

Lung cancer: how are we doing and what’s next?

Clinical TB

Predicting and preventing re-admissions in COPD – what is the real cost?

Pulmonary infection: discovery science

New asthma treatments

Mechanistic insights in acute lung injury

COPD outcomes

Scientific advances in lung cancer

Infection of the pleural space in disease and on purpose

Clinical investigations and outcomes in pulmonary vascular disease

Novel approaches to rehabilitation and exercise therapy in COPD

Asthma – basic mechanisms

Basic mechanisms of IPF

New insights in skeletal muscle wasting and weakness

Cough – mechanisms and therapies

Basic mechanisms of acute lung injury, interstitial lung disease and PAH

Keeping your distance: telemonitoring and telehealth

Asthma: investigation and organisation of care

COPD phenotyping

Improving lung cancer outcomes

Clinical management of pulmonary infection

Smoothing the process: clinical management of COPD and bronchiectasis

Getting to grips with paediatric lung disease

Integrated knowledge in practice

Clinical delivery of pulmonary rehabilitation

The lungs at work: occupational lung disease

Predicting clinical outcomes in acute respiratory illness

Pulmonary arterial hypertension: diagnosis, management and outcomes

In the pleural zone

TB: non pulmonary and hepatotoxicity

Cystic fibrosis

Lung function testing: new approaches

Diagnostic and therapeutic interventional procedures

Asthma treatments

Improving patient therapies in COPD

ILD: diagnosis, co-morbidities and treatment

Smoking detection and cessation and non tobacco products

Screening and treating sleep apnoea

From hospital to home: NIV in clinical practice

Tackling tuberculosis

COPD: co-morbidities, deficiencies and interventions

IPF: education, information and health status