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July 2014 - Volume 69 - 7


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Critical care

Environmental exposure

Lung cancer

Paediatric lung disease

Respiratory epidemiology


  • Lessons from ECLIPSE: a review of COPD biomarkers (5 December, 2013) Free
    Rosa Faner, Ruth Tal-Singer, John H Riley, Bartolomé Celli, Jørgen Vestbo, William MacNee, Per Bakke, Peter M A Calverley, Harvey Coxson, Courtney Crim, Lisa D Edwards, Nick Locantore, David A Lomas, Bruce E Miller, Stephen I Rennard, Emiel F M Wouters, Julie C Yates, Edwin K Silverman, Alvar Agusti

Research letter


Chest clinic