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  1. Andrew Bush,
  2. Ian Pavord, Editors

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Don't miss this American Pie

This issue coinciding with the ATS meeting in San Diego has a North American theme. In addition to a number of strong research papers, there is a HOT off the breath by Detterbeck (see page 406) on minimising VOMITing in cancer management (see Airwaves passim, or previous issues for the classically challenged) and two great reviews on the genomic origins of asthma from the Channing laboratory (see page 481), and an –omics perspective on sleep disordered breathing in children (see page 474). This last, from a future ATS president, is a really hot topic – snoring is no joke but a clear and present danger to children's health and even life, as well as programming children towards chronic morbidity. Finally, light blue touch paper and retire – and Paul Enright certainly lights the fuse in his editorial (see page 401). Let battle commence!

Thick as a plank?

The late great Richard Asher, commenting on the lines from an ancient hymn ‘Teach me to live that I may dread, The grave as little as my bed’ remarked that the bed was actually a very dangerous place indeed for the …

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