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Muc5b is in mucus regulation

Muc5b is known to be involved in mucus regulation though its specific role is unknown. An American group developed a Muc5b deficient mouse (Nature 505:412–16). Muc5b deficiency caused material to accumulate in the upper airway. This subsequently led to chronic infection by multiple bacterial species including Staphylococcus aureus, with associated impaired resolution of inflammation. There was accumulation of apoptotic macrophages, impaired phagocytosis and a reduction in interleukin 23 production. In mice who had oversecretion of Muc5b, macrophage function improved as did airway clearance. This could provide a target for therapy to control the secretion of mucin and restore mucociliary clearance.

β blockers in asthma?

Traditionally β blockers have been avoided in asthma due to concerns about acute bronchoconstriction. There is increasing evidence that cardioselective β blockers can now be used though they seldom are. In this trial stable patients with asthma on …

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