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  1. Andrew Bush,
  2. Ian Pavord, Editors-in-Chief

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Tis the season to be miserable

Christmas is the traditional time for happiness and harmony (unless you are planning a quiet family time: “The General was essentially a man of peace, except in his domestic life,” - Lady Bracknell). So what better way for the journal to celebrate than to publish an article on psychological stress in patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) and their parents (see page 1090, Editor's choice), and an editorial that starts a fight over the findings (see page 1067)? Alexandra Quittner and TIDES colleagues reporting on more than 6000 patients with CF, and more than 4000 family members from more than 150 centres across the USA and Europe, found that depression and anxiety were 2–3 times more common in patients and parents. Definitive? Surely! Write a guideline recommending annual screening for anxiety and depression in CF (even though it won't recommend expensive placebos)? Absolutely! Not so, say Webb and Bryon. They write about the HADS and the HADS NOTS and contrast the TIDES findings with UK data from more than 2000 patients from 39 UK centres, pointing out with tongues rammed firmly into cheek that …

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