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December 2013 - Volume 68 - Suppl 3

The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre Broad Sanctuary Westminster London SW1P 3EE 4 to 6 December 2013 Programme and Abstracts

Thorax: 68 (Suppl 3)

BTS/BLF/BALR Early career investigator symposium

Clinical trials in obstructive sleep apnoea

Non-invasive markers of lung disease in children

Interstitial lung disease: clinical

Asthma biology

Clinical trials in COPD

Reflux and cough

Cutting edge respiratory science

Respiratory physiology

Clinical studies in pulmonary vascular disease

Mechanisms of muscle wasting

TB: predicting disease occurrence and severity

COPD: from genetics to old age

Delivering better, safer care

Paediatric airway infections

Managing pleural effusions

Improving long term outcome in chronic respiratory failure

Airways disease: fungus and the bogeyman

Mechanisms of lung injury

Mechanisms of cystic fibrosis

Lung cancer: reasons to be cheerful

COPD: mechanisms of host defence

Physiological measurement of breathlessness and breathing

Pulmonary infection: clinical studies

Mechanisms in carcinogenesis

Outcomes post critical care

Mechanisms in pulmonary vascular disease

Lung cancer: audit and outcomes


TB: Diagnosis and Management

Pulmonary rehabilitation

Lung cancer: investigation and treatment

Respiratory education and training issues

From screening to treatment of children with chronic lung disease

Clinical TB


COPD: Causes and Consequences

COPD exacerbations: the heart of the matter

Mechanisms of lung injury

Pulmonary hypertension: mechanisms and treatment

Clinical trials in asthma

Monitoring and management of sleep disordered breathing and respiratory failure

COPD and asthma: mechanisms of airways inflammation and treatment

Clinical ILD and OLD

Investigation and management of pleural disease

Inhaled therapy in COPD

Pulmonary infection

Screening and management of obstructive sleep apnoea

Severe asthma

Respiratory interventional procedures

COPD: a clinical spectrum