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  1. Andrew Bush,
  2. Ian Pavord, Editors

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The inhaler from UNCLE

Times change, but does the way we deliver medications to the airways? Those of us old enough to remember episodes of ‘The Man from UNCLE’ will recall computers filling a whole room, with whirring reels of tape, less powerful than what we now routinely carry in our pocket. Have these Usain Bolt-like speedy advances been matched in the way we deliver medications to the airway? Mark Everard (see page 891) thinks not; he argues that current inhalers would be outmoded in Jurassic times, and are about as functional as Stonehenge (not perhaps in those words!). These current Neanderthal devices are poorly used by patients, and this contributes to morbidity and even mortality in airway diseases. He argues that a radical rethink is needed. There have been advances in nebuliser technology, but even these devices are far from ideal, which is a pity, as ever more nebulised agents are developed. In this issue, Phase II studies of …

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