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Care of advanced lung disease: NIV and beyond
P272 Influence of BMI on Asthma Control Questionnaire Scores
  1. SZ Zaidi,
  2. SJ Jain,
  3. HN Nathon,
  4. LH Hughes,
  5. JF Finnerty,
  6. AP Ponnuswamy,
  7. IB Benton,
  8. SS Scott
  1. Countess Of Chester Hospital, Chester, England


Background Asthma has been associated with obesity. However, the mechanisms of this association are not yet clear. It has been suggested that quality of life is influenced more strongly by BMI rather than other objective measures of severity in an obese population 1. We wished toexplore the influence of BMI on asthma control questionnaire (ACQ) scores of patients attending a specialist asthma clinic, as compared to objective parameters used for assessing disease severity.

Methods Measurements of IgE, Blood Eosinophils, FEV1%, FVC%, FEV1/FVC ratio, BMI and ACQ were recorded for patients attending an asthma clinic. BTS management step was also looked at.

Results 110 Pts mean (SD) age 52 (17), BMI 31 (8), ACQ 2.7 (1.4), Step BTS 3.5, FEV1% 71 (22.6) FEV1/FVC 69 (15.2) were investigated. There was a strong correlation between ACQ and BMI (r=0.244, p<0.05) and BTS step (r=0.411, p=<0.05) but not IgE or FEV1/FVC rato. There was a weak correlation between ACQ and Blood Eosinophils (r=–0.184, p=<0.05). There were significantly worse ACQ scores in those with BMI>=30 Kg/m2 (p<0.05) and %FVC (p<0.05) but no significant differences in FEV1%, IgE, Blood Eosinophils or FEV1/FVC.

Conclusion Obesity appears to have asignificant influence on ACQ scores as a measure of asthma control and needs tobe taken into account when using this measure as an indication of severity, andformulating management plans with regards to patient care.

  1. Scott S, Currie J, Albert P, Calverley P, Wilding JP. Risk of misdiagnosis, health-related quality of life, and BMI in patients who are overweight withdoctor-diagnosed asthma. Chest. 2012Mar; 141(3):616–24

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