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Challenges in smoking cessation
P185 Public attitudes to smoking in cars
  1. E De Lacy1,
  2. R Morrison1,
  3. M Dockrell1,
  4. T Buchanan1,
  5. K E Lewis2
  1. 1Action on Smoking and Health, England
  2. 2Swansea University, Wales


Background Passive smoking is increasingly associated with adverse health effects. The new UK Government is considering its tobacco control policy.

Aim To record public attitudes on potential legislation regarding smoking in cars.

Methods We commissioned a survey of the YouGov® Plc British panel of 185 000+ people (aged 18+). An email was sent to panellists, selected at random using a sophisticated sampling matrix, to be representative of each country. Three surveys were conducted between 25 and 30 March 2009. We obtained answers from n=10 895 adults in England, n=1023 adults in Wales, and n=1157 adults in Scotland. The results for all three countries were merged at analysis stage and re-weighted to be representative of the overall GB population. We had data from 13 075 adults, 52% female, mean age 45.5 (range 18–88 years), 22% of whom reported continued smoking at least occasionally.

Results Overall, 76% of adults support a ban on smoking in cars carrying children, 55% support a ban on smoking in cars carrying any passenger. Regarding a total ban on smoking in cars, 44% support a complete ban, with 37% opposing a complete ban and 19% were undecided. The Abstract P185 Table 1 shows responses by smoking status for support for a ban in cars.

Conclusions There remain differences in opinion between smokers and non-smokers but there appears widespread public support among both groups for a ban on smoking in cars, especially any carrying children.

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