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Lung cancer: clinical aspects

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S. Bari, V. S. Lamonby, J. I. A. Millar, V. McLaughlin, W. T. Berrill. West Cumberland Hospital, North Cumbria Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, Whitehaven, UK

Introduction: Although the 31 and 62-day lung cancer target is easily achieved by investigating patients in one stop lung shadow clinics (OSLSC), some argue patients may find it too stressful to have all the investigations (bloods, ECG, spirometry, computed tomography scan, bronchoscopy) and consultation in a day. To investigate this we conducted a retrospective survey among patients seen in our OSLSC.

Method: Questionnaires were sent to 185 consecutive patients enquiring whether: GP explained the reason, adequacy of preclinic information, seen on time, happy to have all tests on the same day, it was difficult to cope, they prefer 2-day appointments, the wait was too long in between tests, waiting time acceptable, expectations met, other clinics should be run similarly and overall satisfaction. We compared the responses (anonymous) in different age groups (<70 years, 70 years and above), with or without lung cancer and gender.

Results: Of 116 (mean age 69.5 years (range 21–90), 60<70 years, 69 male, 38 lung cancer) responses, 78% thought GP explained the reason (9% disagreed), 83% thought preclinical information was adequate (11% disagreed), 81% seen on time (12% were not), 89% were happy to have all test done in a day (4% disagreed), 9% found difficult to cope (84% did not), 7% wanted 2-day appointment (89% disagreed), 83% did not think wait between the tests is too long (11% disagreed), 85% thought <30 minutes is an acceptable wait before first appointment, 97% cases had events as expected, 98% thought other clinics should be run similarly, 95% were satisfied (5% did not record). No significant difference observed in different age, gender and with or without lung cancer to all responses except patients …

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