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  1. Wisia Wedzicha, Editor in Chief

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Editors and Editorial Board 1985–1986: Alistair Brewis, Hugoe Matthews, DB Clarke, GJ Gibson, Anne E Tattersfield, PJ Barnes, PS Burge, GM Cochrane, RM Du Bois, CW Edwards, RC Godfrey, P Goldstraw, JPR Hartley, WKC Morgan, AL Muir, NB Pride, SG Spiro, RA Stockley, PGI Stovin and JD Wisheart. Technical Editor: Daphne Gloag. Pictures courtesy of Alistair Brewis.

The December 2006 issue celebrated 60 years of Thorax and among the events to mark this Jubilee was a special Editorial Board meeting held in London at BMA House on 3 November 2006, attended also by past Thorax editors. In addition to the usual business at our annual meetings, we had presentations from the past medical editors of Thorax including Anne Tattersfield, Anthony Seaton, Alistair Brewis and Stephen Spiro, who mapped out for us the history and development of the journal. Fiona Godlee, Editor of the BMJ spoke to us on the various issues that need to be addressed by journal editors, while Sara Schroter, senior researcher at BMJ editorial, drew our attention to the complexity of the journal impact factor calculations. Sarah Lewis, one of our statistical editors, showed us how Thorax has benefited from statistical review of all potentially acceptable original papers. I would like to thank everyone who took part in this memorable meeting and to all of you who travelled so far to attend. Alistair Brewis showed us some photographs he took of the Thorax Editorial Board meeting from 1985 that we publish here, together with the photograph in the courtyard of BMA House from the 60th anniversary meeting.

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