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  1. Wisia Wedzicha, Editor in Chief

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In a previous Thorax paper, Garcia-Aymerich and colleagues showed that Spanish patients with moderate to severe COPD who had levels of physical activity equivalent to 1 hour daily had a lower risk of hospital admission for COPD exacerbations. In this month’s Thorax the same group report a 20 year follow up study of 2386 COPD patients from Copenhagen. For the first time they show that patients with low, moderate, and high levels of physical activity have a lower risk of all-cause mortality and respiratory mortality than patients with very low activity. In this study, a relatively low level of physical activity—equivalent to walking or cycling for 2 hours/week or more—was associated with a 30–40% reduction in the risk of hospital admission due to COPD and respiratory mortality. The authors discuss some of the mechanisms underlying this observation …

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