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Oxidants and asthma
  1. G Caramori,
  2. A Papi
  1. Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Research Centre on Asthma and COPD, University of Ferrara, Italy
  1. Correspondence to:
    Dr A Papi
    Research Centre on Asthma and COPD, University of Ferrara, Via Savonarola 9, 44100 Ferrara, Italy;


Many decades of research have produced a significant amount of data showing increased oxidative stress in asthma and indicating a potential role for oxidants in the pathogenesis of the disease, particularly during exacerbations. Putatively relevant pro-oxidative mechanisms have also been identified. Currently available asthma drugs are generally effective for the treatment of the disease, but their effects on oxidative stress have still not been completely elucidated. From the data available in the literature one can conclude that antioxidant compounds may have a potential role in the treatment of asthma, especially of asthma exacerbations. More convincing evidence from controlled clinical trials is required.

  • asthma
  • oxidants

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