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Inhaled sodium cromoglycate in children with asthma
  1. M J A Tasche,
  2. J H J M Uijen,
  3. R M D Bernsen,
  4. J C de Jongste,
  5. J C van der Wouden
  1. Department of General Practice and Division of Pediatric Respiratory Medicine, Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; vanderwouden{at}

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We admire the perseverence of Dr Edwards and colleagues to dispute the conclusions of our systematic review on sodium cromoglycate in asthmatic children.1,2 We note that they restrict their present comments to only a single point—interpretation of the tolerance interval. In fact, our conclusions were based not only on this finding but also on the apparent publication bias and the small overall treatment effect. Hence, we stick to our conclusion that there is insufficient evidence that maintenance treatment with sodium cromoglycate is beneficial in children with asthma.


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