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Practical Paediatric Respiratory Medicine
  1. M Everard

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It is always pleasing when a new publication devoted to respiratory disease in childhood is published. This text appears to be aimed at children's respiratory nurses and paediatric trainees, providing a grounding in many facets of paediatric respiratory medicine. The book does not aim to be comprehensive but rather aims to be an aid to those during training. The authors, largely drawn from Leicester, bring their practical as well as their theoretical expertise with a view to producing a pragmatic text that will support those faced with children in a variety of settings. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of this book are the case studies included in each chapter. These are a useful and instructive means of bringing the information within the text to life and highlighting “real” life management issues.

While, in the main, chapters start from the basics and provide a good introduction to those with relatively little experience, a number of chapters go beyond clinical practice into more theoretical areas, reflecting the author's particular interest.

The book will be a useful addition to the library shelves, complementing existing paediatric respiratory texts.

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