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Non-Invasive Respiratory Support
  1. L Turner

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The second edition of Dr Simonds' book gives a comprehensive up to date review of the rapidly expanding field of non-invasive respiratory support. The material covers acute and chronic applications of non-invasive ventilation (NIV), giving an overview of NIV in these settings followed by discussions on specific disease applications. Chapters cover topics such as paediatric NIV, CPAP, medicolegal implications and physiotherapy, nursing, and other treatment during NIV. This book will be of use to all those wishing to practise an evidence-based service, and the evidence is clearly presented and well argued. In line with the significant focus on the practical aspects of running a service, the book deals well with the more widespread issues involved in using NIV.

I particularly liked the practical slant to much of the book, especially the focus on problem solving and application in the acute setting or during procedures. Many colleagues, like myself, will find the answers to most of their (and their patients') questions here. Having had some insight into the problems involved in setting up an NIV service, I would expect physicians establishing a service to find the initial chapters—detailing equipment, service requirements, and cost implications—informative and constructive.

This readable book gives an excellent overview of the subject, is well referenced, and supported with good illustrations. I would highly recommend it as a basic reference and a practical guide for all respiratory trainees and physicians using an NIV service.

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