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Pulmonary rehabilitation
  1. R Jones1
  1. 1Respiratory Research Unit, Department of Primary Health Care & General Practice, Plymouth Postgraduate Medical School, Plymouth PL6 8BX, UK

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In their paper the members of the BTS Standards of Care Subcommittee on Pulmonary Rehabilitation provide a clear statement on the current status of pulmonary rehabilitation in the UK.1 Funding for pulmonary rehabilitation has lagged behind cardiac rehabilitation even though the evidence base is stronger and patients are usually more disabled. Let us hope that the government, which places so much weight on evidence based medicine, will agree with your statement that there are now strong arguments for widespread development of pulmonary rehabilitation services.

The key consideration for new services is accessibility. In this, location and frequency of attendance may be critical. Local community based services have the advantage over hospital programmes in being closer to the patients, reducing time and costs for transport. They may be better placed for providing ongoing support after the programme has finished, both in terms of social contact between the group and follow up programmes. It is not …

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