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Proportional assist ventilation (PAV): a significant advance or a futile struggle between logic and practice?


Proportional assist ventilation is a promising addition to other more conventional modes of mechanical ventilation with the theoretical advantage of improving patient-ventilator interaction. It may also be of use as a diagnostic tool in the control of breathing in mechanically ventilated patients.

  • proportional assist ventilation
  • intensive care
  • mechanical ventilation
  • PAV, proportional assist ventilation
  • PSV, pressure support ventilation
  • WOB, work of breathing
  • CVF, chronic ventilatory failure
  • ARF, acute respiratory failure
  • Vt, tidal volume
  • E, elastance
  • R, resistance
  • FA, flow assist
  • VA, volume assist
  • PEEP, positive end expiratory pressure
  • CPAP, continuous positive airway pressure
  • NPPV, non-invasive positive pressure ventilation
  • Pdi, transdiaphragmatic pressure
  • Poes, oesophageal pressure
  • Pao, pressure at the airway opening

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