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Paediatric Respiratory Examination
  1. K Tan

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This CD-Rom has been produced as a multimedia based interactive learning tool for a wide spectrum of healthcare professionals including general practitioners, junior doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and medical students. As such, it will find wide appeal to those who wish to learn or brush up on paediatric respiratory examinations.

The authors and designers should be congratulated for producing a CD-Rom which is highly intuitive and easy to navigate. The pictures, videos and case studies are of high quality and can be viewed with an informative running commentary, although unfortunately the commentaries cannot be fast forwarded or rewound to find passages of particular interest. The case studies provide excellent examples of classic paediatric auscultatory findings such as wheeze, stridor, and the fine inspiratory crepitations of bronchiolitis.

The Paediatric Respiratory Examination CD-Rom serves as a good template on which other system examination CD-Roms could be designed.

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