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The following errors appeared in the paper by Anderson HR, Cook DG. “Health effects of passive smoking. 2. Passive smoking and sudden infant death syndrome: review of the epidemiological evidence”,Thorax 1997;52:1003–1009.

In table 1, (i) the study by Bulterys et al 30 is a duplicate of that by Krauset al 27 and should be deleted; (ii) the odds ratio for maternal prenatal smoking in the study by Malloy et al 36 should have read 2.35 (not 3.25). To take account of the removal of the study by Bulterys and two minor errors table 2 has been updated below.

Table 2

Summary of pooled odds ratios. Both fixed (FEM) and random (REM) effects models are shown

The paper by Strachan DP and Cook DG. “Health effects of passive smoking. 5. Parental smoking and allergic sensitisation in children”, Thorax1998;53:117−123, cited as reference 14 an abstract, which has subsequently been pub-lished in full as Ownby DR, Johnson CC, Peterson EL. “Maternal smoking does not influence cord serum IgE or IgD concentrations”,J Allergy Clin Immunol1991;88:555−560. The authors apologise for this oversight which does not affect the results or conclusions of the review.

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