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Lung research funding in the UK: the British Lung Foundation perspective
  1. W MACNEE,
  1. British Lung Foundation
  2. 78 Hatton Garden
  3. London EC1N 8JR, UK

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The British Lung Foundation was launched in 1985 by a group of leading respiratory specialists to fund medical research into the prevention, treatment, alleviation, and cure of all lung diseases and to disseminate the useful results of this research. It remains the only charity supporting research throughout the UK into all aspects of lung disease and relies entirely on voluntary donations for this.

Although lung disease is the second largest cause of mortality in the UK, accounting for one in five deaths, its research funding attracts only 2% of government funding. The demand placed on the British Lung Foundation for research funding is substantial and is increasing every year.

Since 1985 the British Lung Foundation has committed over £10.8 million to research across the whole spectrum of lung diseases. These funds have been raised against strong competition for voluntary donations from other charitable causes, many of which are considered more fashionable and high profile. In terms of fund raising, lung disease is largely unseen. Despite these constraints, the Foundation is proud to have played a part in funding many …

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