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Respiratory Measurement.

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Respiratory Measurement. Göran Hedenstierna. (Pp 184, paperback; £19.95 (UK), £22.00 (overseas)). London: BMJ Books, 1998. ISBN 0 7279 1207 0.

A large amount of information has been packed into the 184 pages of this new guidebook in the Principles and Practice Series. This is a comprehensive review of the principles of ventilation and gas exchange with special emphasis on the application of pulmonary function measurement during anaesthesia. The book details physiological principles and gives practical measurement guidance, with common sources of error, in the normal circumstances and during anaesthesia. The content is concise, the style direct and occasionally hard going. The text is clear and the diagrams are worth a special mention for their clarity and simplicity. This is not a textbook for beginners and requires a moderate familiarity with the principles of respiratory physiology, and the rules which govern respiratory mechanics and gas measurement. This guide represents excellent value for money and would be equally at home in the pulmonary function laboratory as well as the anaesthetics department. —SR

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