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Selective inhibition of T cell proliferation but not expression of effector function by human alveolar macrophages.
  1. J W Upham,
  2. D H Strickland,
  3. B W Robinson,
  4. P G Holt
  1. Division of Cell Biology, Institute for Child Health Research, Perth, Western Australia.


    BACKGROUND: Alveolar macrophages are thought to play an important part in regulating lung immune responses. While it is clear that human alveolar macrophages suppress T cell proliferation in vitro, the mechanisms by which this is achieved are not clear, nor is it known whether alveolar macrophages also inhibit other aspects of T cell function. METHODS: Peripheral blood mononuclear cells were stimulated with phytohaemagglutinin or house dust mite allergen, and cultured with variable numbers of autologous alveolar macrophages obtained by bronchoalveolar lavage from 20 normal subjects. RESULTS: Alveolar macrophages induced a reversible inhibition of T cell proliferation in response to both mitogen and allergen stimulation, with the latter being considerably more susceptible to inhibition. This was achieved via heterogenous mechanisms, involving both soluble factors derived from alveolar macrophages and cell-cell contact. Despite inhibiting proliferation, alveolar macrophages had little or no effect on T cell calcium flux, the characteristic changes in CD3, CD2, CD28 and interleukin-2 (IL-2) receptor expression which accompany normal T cell activation, and IL-2 and interferon gamma secretion. In contrast, alveolar macrophages inhibited the tyrosine phosphorylation of proteins which may be involved in IL-2 receptor-associated signal transduction. CONCLUSIONS: The immunoregulatory properties of alveolar macrophages are relatively selective, allowing T cell activation and cytokine secretion while inhibiting T cell proliferation within the lung.

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