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Knowledge of adult patients with cystic fibrosis about their illness.
  1. S. P. Conway,
  2. M. N. Pond,
  3. A. Watson,
  4. T. Hamnett
  1. Regional Adult Cystic Fibrosis Unit, Seacroft Hospital, Leeds, UK.


    BACKGROUND: Adult patients need to understand their illness if the locus of control is to move from doctor to patient. Previous studies have shown important misconceptions and gaps in patients' knowledge about cystic fibrosis. METHODS: Patients were invited to complete a multiple choice questionnaire covering all major aspects of cystic fibrosis. The questionnaire score was compared with a predicted score derived from the consultant, cystic fibrosis fellow, nurse, and physiotherapist ratings of patient knowledge. Data were obtained to provide a comprehensive patient profile and disease severity score. Both scores were tested for any associations with patient characteristics. RESULTS: Although patients had good general knowledge about the aspects of cystic fibrosis that impacted most on their daily lives--that is, respiratory and gastrointestinal problems--important gaps and misconceptions in these areas were still present. Knowledge and understanding of genetic and reproductive issues and the less common complications of cystic fibrosis were only moderate. Older more severely affected patients, and those who had more contact with the hospital caring team, had better multiple choice questionnaire knowledge scores. Professional carers were poor judges of the knowledge of individual patients. CONCLUSIONS: Important gaps persist into adult life in the knowledge patients with cystic fibrosis have about their illness. Objective assessment of these deficits is required so that each patient can be counselled according to his or her needs.

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